Center for Sustainable Communities & Civic Engagement

Executive Director: Cheryl Bird

The Center for Sustainable Communities and Civic Engagement has as its mission to partner Daemen College and its students with urban communities to promote civic responsibility, leading to communities that are healthy, safe and vital, and that will remain so for future generations. The Center is supported by funding from the College and various agencies, foundations and corporations.

The Center offers service learning placements with community based organizations, businesses and government entities with a common goal of developing active, livable neighborhoods in the City of Buffalo. Students learn new approaches for solving problems and can take those skills with them to the next community they serve. Students may be teaching children study skills for success in school, teaching techniques for securing government services, working on environmental events, or assisting in the management of community organizations. All majors are welcome.

The Center for Sustainable Communities and Civic Engagement is locatedĀ in Curtis Hall, 2nd floor.

Undergraduate and Graduate