Exciting Time for Daemen College Athletics

It’s an exciting time for Daemen College Athletics! The Athletic Department just completed candidacy year 2 for moving into the NCAA, and this school year will be our provisional status year, which is the final step in the membership process. After many years as an NAIA member institution, Daemen is excited for the next chapter in Wildcat athletics.

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Transfer Class of 2014 – An Assortment of Students

JoePagano_smallAs Daemen College’s Transfer Admissions team wraps up the 2013-2014 recruitment period, we are proud of the diverse student body that will become part of the Daemen Community.  We have meet with and spoke to thousands of students over the 2013-2014 academic year. These conversations have occurred via community college visits, on campus visits, phone calls, emails, Skype, and interviews.  With success, we are fortunate to welcome over 250 new transfer students to the college.

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3 Things to Do This Summer as a Rising Senior to Decrease Your Stress

As the school year begins to wind down and summer vacation looms; students everywhere will begin the slow processional march towards their vocational or college path. One of the great stresses for aspiring college students during their senior year is always the time-crunch to complete applications, essays, scholarships, and maintain their grades at a high level. As summer approaches, I thought I would share three ways to decrease your stress level:

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Student Perspective

Starting my career at Daemen College as a freshman in the Physical Therapy program frightened and excited me all at the same time; although the experience molded me into who I am now, I wasn’t sure I had made the right choice. As I sat in Wick Social Room for our first department meeting, I looked around and was nervous if I made the right choices. Throughout high school I knew I was interested in science, but I wasn’t sure that physical therapy provided the correct career for me. Creating anxiety in my life was what college provided for me in the immediate future as I entered Daemen College; however, as I completed more and more of my time at the college, I learned that my gut had led me to the right place.

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Reflection on Graduation

This week, campus has been feeling like a ghost town. It’s Graduation Week and nearly everyone has moved off campus and gone home to their families. I have been procrastinating packing my entire room, but in my defense I am not sure that I want to go home just yet. I graduate Saturday, and how do you just say goodbye to a place that has treated you so well for the past four years? My hometown is a solid three hours away from Daemen and it is hard to know that this is my last week here.

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Reflection on Graduation

As four years at Daemen College come to and end this week, one cannot help but look back on the abundance of memories.

It seems like just yesterday that I was caught in the Canavan frenzy. Roommates, suite-mates, hall-mates and classmates who were once strangers, became friends; I learned, throughout my freshman year, the importance of true friendships. I learned to lean on others, but also the importance of being someone else shoulder to cry on.

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