How to Kickstart Your School Year

No matter how many people tell you it will be okay, many college freshman will be nervous to start the school year; I know I was. College isn’t really as scary as it may seem, but a few tips won’t hurt.

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Freshman Orientation 2015

We held our Freshman Orientation for incoming freshman students. The orientation was split up between two sessions. Both sessions included meetings with all pertinent offices on campus, meet and greet with fellow incoming students, and a rodeo style party in the evening.

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Making the Most of a Summer Break in College

As many of you may know, college breaks are much different from high school breaks. At Daemen, we have five main breaks. Spring break and Spring Holiday are both during the spring semester while Thanksgiving break is during the fall. In between the fall and spring semesters we usually have about a month to a month and a half winter break, and in between the spring and fall semesters we have almost four months off for summer break. If you add it all up, we are only in school for half a year! So what do we do with all the free time?

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Studying Abroad in Italy

March 11th my application was due, April 15th my deposit was due, and May 9th was the departure date. I discovered the possibility on Thursday, but this was Saturday March 7th when I decided to call my mom. As the phone rang, I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. It was too late: my mom answered the phone, and I blurted, “I think I am going to go to Italy.”

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Commencement 2015

On May 16th, Daemen College held the 64th annual commencement which marked a milestone for the institution as it was the first time ever two ceremonies were held for undergraduate and graduate students receiving their academic degrees. Daemen President Gary A. Olson gave an inspiring message to the Class of 2015 graduates during his speech. “Graduates, you are members of a very special college, and I feel confident that no matter what challenges you experience in your life, you will continue to meet those challenges with wisdom and integrity.”

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End of the Year Events!

Daemen College is in the midst of my two favorite events out of the year! The Academic Festival was held this past Wednesday, and Springfest is being held next Saturday. These events are among my favorite events on campus, and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with everyone!

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