Students welcoming employers to Daemen’s Internship Fair.

Students welcoming employers to Daemen’s Internship Fair.

Alvaro Orozco, a Daemen international business major, had not anticipated graduating with a job. But with the help of Career Services at Daemen, that is exactly what happened. Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, the international student graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international business and a minor in marketing in 2012.

Following an internship with Sunbelt Business Brokers, Orozco was offered a position with the company. He is now working in international business and franchise development on a joint venture with a Colombian company, for export of US products to South America and franchise expansion.

“During my senior year at Daemen, Career Services helped me obtain an internship with Sunbelt Business Brokers,” explains Orozco. “I was conducting research to locate manufacturing and distribution businesses that can be relocated to the Buffalo/Niagara Region. It was a great experience, and led to a job offer after I graduated.”

Orozco’s new position is one of many success stories assisted by the efforts of the Career Services Office.

Career Services staff members work with students individually, helping to create a personalized strategy. Director Dr. Maureen Millane says the College’s approach is unique, created specifically for Daemen.

Alvaro Orozco ’12

Alvaro Orozco ’12

“It’s called iCAP, which stands for Individual Career Action Plan,” Millane explains.

“It spans four years. In the first year, Explore, students learn about themselves and Career Services; the second year, Experience, is about participating and networking in the ‘real world.’ In the third year, Prepare, the focus is on planning for your future life. The fourth year, Achieve, is all about setting the plan in motion.

“Students can learn about iCAP in detail by stopping by the Career Services Office, or emailing careerservices@ Our staff will guide them through the various steps toward their career goals, and help to set up their plan. We work together on these smart goals but students own the process. And all our career services are available to alumni at no charge.”

College career centers across the country, including Daemen’s, report seeing more students and seeing them earlier. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), almost half of employers who responded say they plan to increase the number of new college gradua tes they hire. Only one in ten organizations taking part in the survey reported plans to cut back on hiring.

The Value of Internships

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2012 Student Survey of more than 15,000 Class of 2012 members, seniors found that paid internships offer a distinct advantage in the job market, with 60 percent of paid interns and 30 percent of unpaid interns receiving job offers, compared to only 36 percent with no internship experience. A difficult economic environment means students face greater challenges in starting a career, and an internship — paid or unpaid — can help get a foot in the door. Through the Career Services Office, Daemen students are presented with many different options for a wide range of internship experiences.

“These experiences provide insight into what a particular career field is actually like, and can include clinics, practicums, and student teaching, as well as internships,” notes Millane. “We offer students a wide range of opportunities to go out and experience the real world related to their major. An internship can often make the difference in receiving a job offer.”

College Central Network

David Morales ’12

David Morales ’12

Daemen students are also encouraged to activate an account on the College Central Network, described as the nation’s largest network of college job seekers. The network allows students with an account to see job postings of over one million registered employers from around the country — as well as jobs posted exclusively to Daemen College. Students can create, upload and update a résumé, portfolio, or cover letter; receive emails about programs, services, and job-related topics; career advice; podcasts; and much more.

“Students can build an online portfolio, and store everything in the cloud,” Millane points out. “We are moving away from just using a résumé to an E-portfolio. It is very robust, allowing a student’s complete academic and job record to be displayed online, along with videos of student teaching, working in a clinic — even animation.”

From Intern to International Sales

David Morales is another Career Services success story. An international business major, Morales accompanied Daemen Assistant Professor of Business Administration Luiz Pereira on a tour of Liberty Pumps during the spring, 2012 semester. A manufacturer of water pumps with sales all over the world, Liberty offered Morales, who is fluent in Spanish, an internship during that spring semester.

During his internship, Morales assisted in international sales. He was offered an opportunity to stay at the company during the summer of 2012 and was able to continue taking a class, which was paid for by the company. He stayed on during the fall semester, and accompanied company representatives on a sales trip to South America. When he received his degree in December, 2012, he was offered a job in international sales at Liberty.

“The internship is the main reason I got the job,” Morales says. “I had an opportunity to get to know the company and become familiar with what they do. Liberty sells water pumps worldwide. They are big in China, and are interested in exploring Australia and India. It’s exciting. I am very glad I was afforded the chance to join this company through the internship.”

Dr. Millane (third from right) secured full scholarships for students to attend the P2 Health conference held at the Convention Center.

Dr. Millane (third from right) secured full scholarships for students to attend the P2 Health conference held at the Convention Center.

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