Visual and Performing Arts Courses

Visual and Performing Arts Courses

Arts Administration

ARTA 501: Arts Administration Overview (3)

This course provides an overview of most aspects of not-for-profit arts administration through site visits to leading professional organizations (theatre, galleries, etc) in Buffalo. Students will also gain hands-on experience in gallery administration, curating, public relations and marketing. Prerequisite: Graduate Status. (GR)

ARTA 535: Professional Seminar in Arts Administration: Visiting Lecturer Series (3)

This course will utilize the expertise of area arts professionals who will interact with students over the course of one five week session. This format allows for in-depth discussions about a particular arts environment, and will allow student to see first-hand how area professionals approach planning, research, and problem solving. Prerequisites: Graduate Status and ARTA-501 or Permission of Instructor. (GR)

ARTA 550: Practicum Seminar in Arts Administration and Management (3)

Students participating in this seminar will intern at one of Buffalo's leading arts organizations, where they will gain experience by working on a special project or by assisting a key arts manager or executive. Prerequisites: Graduate Status and ARTA-535 or Permission of Instructor. (GR)

ARTA 640: Arts Administration Thesis Project (3)

A semi-independent study that entails research conducted under the supervision of a faculty member, and that builds directly on an internship or administrative assistantship with a participating not-for-profit cultural organization, this course will be geared towards the development, completion, and acceptance (by the participating cultural organization) of a fully realized project, proposal, or portfolio. Examples of completed projects might include (but are not limited to) strategic plans, project grants or funding proposals, marketing, fundraising, subscription or audience development plans, arts-in-education programs, print campaigns, audio or video guides for patrons, websites, etc. Prerequisites: Graduate Status and ARTA-535 or Permission of Instructor. (GR)

ARTA 650: Capstone in Arts Administration (3)

This course seeks to synthesize the content of previous Arts Administration and Leadership courses and prepare students for public presentation of their research. Prerequisites: Graduate Status and ARTA-535 or Permission of Instructor. (GR)