Standards for Teacher Educators

Standards of practice for teacher educators should represent agreements about what teacher educators should think about, know, and be able to do. Forging these agreements gives teacher educators the opportunity to review and adopt a knowledge base that can be tested, modified, and revised when appropriate. Such dialogue will add immeasurably to the public debate on schooling and teacher preparation.

Teacher educators have an obligation to be precise about what is entailed in being a teacher educator. To do less at a time when the quality of children's education weighs so heavily in the balance is indefensible. Not only will the standards of teacher educators provide a vehicle for being precise; it will also provide the opportunity to coalesce a knowledge base that will make public the characteristics of the specialization.

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Model professional teaching practices that demonstrate knowledge, skills, and attitudes reflecting the best available practices in teacher education.

Inquire into and contribute to one or more areas of scholarly activity that are related to teaching, learning, and/or teacher education.

Inquire systematically into, and reflect on, their own practice and demonstrate commitment to lifelong professional development.

Provide leadership in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs for educating teachers that embrace diversity, and are rigorous, relevant, and grounded in accepted theory, research, and best practice.

Collaborate regularly and in significant ways with representatives of schools, universities, state education agencies, professional associations, and communities to improve teaching, learning, and teacher education

Serve as informed, constructively critical advocates for high-quality education for all students, public understanding of educational issues, and excellence and diversity in the teaching and teacher education professions.

Contribute to improving the teacher education profession.



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