Academic Festival 2020 Program

Daemen College Academic Festival

A Celebration of Academic Achievement,
April 22, 2020.

The Daemen College Academic Festival 2020 brings us together on campus to celebrate the academic and creative achievements of Daemen students. This Festival Program Book contains the schedule, descriptive abstracts for all events, and a student presenter index in the back section.

The Academic Festival centers on student presentations to the campus and community, providing a showcase for academic excellence and achievement through student and faculty presentations, exhibitions, and performances. These presentations may reflect work done in a single discipline or be interdisciplinary in nature, and include posters, papers, panel discussions, exhibits, videos, and artistic, musical, or theatrical performances. In some disciplines, you will be viewing final capstone projects and/or research.

Celebrating our 20th year, we thank our President Gary A. Olson, and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Michael Brogan, for their support of the annual Academic Festival. We also thank members of the Festival Planning Committee who have worked diligently to plan the event. They are listed in the back of this book.

We are deeply appreciative of the level of student involvement in Academic Festival 2020. We are also appreciative of faculty support for this endeavor. Faculty sponsors have worked with students through teaching, research projects, Think Tank projects, study abroad experiences, and by encouragement in the development of proposals. We hope you will enjoy the insightful and exciting ideas generated through student and faculty scholarship. Enjoy your day!



Throughout the day, between 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM, posters will remain displayed in the Athletic Center GYM.


Jill Robins
Faculty Sponsor: Jill Robins
none - none

Throughout the day, between 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM, posters will remain displayed in the Athletic Center GYM.

Ants are small.


John Zaepfel, Chris Pack
Faculty Sponsor: Employee Zaepfel
none - none
RIC 101
Throughout the day, between 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM, posters will remain displayed in the Athletic Center GYM.

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Core Competencies

The Daemen College Core is an innovative competency-based curriculum. Every course approved for core credit includes at least three competencies, including at least one primary competency. Course syllabi state the learning objectives that relate to the competencies and the assessment techniques that will be used to determine mastery.


Michael Brogan - SeniorVice President, Academic Affairs
Jill Robins - Director of Stewardship
Diana Alvarado - Printing Shop
Christian Brandjes - Visual and Performing Arts
Sabrina Fennell - Academic Support Services
Kevin Kegler - Visual and Performing Arts
Christen Kelly - Classroom Technology Services
Amanda Gross - Office of the President
Heather Maclin - Student Activities 
Susan Heater - Facilities
Hella Jacob - Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Philip Longson - Visual and Performing Arts
Susan Marchione - New Programs/Initiatives, Institutional Effectiveness & Systems Integration
Michael Morgan - Publications
Yolanda Morris - Enrollment Management
Doris Murphy - Academic Affairs
Carol Renner - Nursing
Ryan Richardson - Daemen Dining Services
Joyce Strobel - Publications
Andrea Sullivan - Research Information Commons
Tom Wojciechowski - Web Communications
Brenda Young - Global/Local Sustainability, Natural Sciences
John Zaepfel - Information Technology

Faculty Proposal Reviewers

Brenda Young, Coordinator; Rebecca Begalle, Diane Bessel, Ryan Boggs, Hamish Dalley, Greg Ford, Colleen Kashino, Kevin Kegler, Casey Kelley, Vicki Madaus Knapp, Shannon Lupien, Lynn Matthews, Margaret Mazzone, Caitlyn Montross, Michael Ross, Jennifer Scheid, Robert Selkowicz, Sally Ann Smesko, Mark Warren, Robert Waterhouse, Sarah Whorley, and Andrew Wilton.

Student Editor Program Book

Cassandra Johnson, English, 2019

Student Proposal Logistics Review

Madeleine Ruger, History, 2020

Student Poster Session Coordinator

Madeleine Ruger, History, 2020 and Jameekia Blount, Health Promotion, 2021

Poster Session Committee

Jameekia Blount, Hella Jacob, Annie Mandart, Susan Marchione, Yolanda Morris, Carol Renner, Madeleine Ruger, Andrea Sullivan

Publications Design for Program Book & Poster

Mike Morgan, Joyce Strobel, Pam Gorman, Elise Chambers

Academic Festival Committee Chair/Program Book Editor

Jill Robins, Director of Stewardship

Special Thanks To

Daemen Dining Staff and Maintenance staff.

Poster & Front Cover

2018 Academic Festival Cover View Larger Version »

Free, watercolor on paper
Carlye Sager, BFA in Painting, 2019

Back Cover

2018 Academic Festival Cover View Larger Version »

Tangled Thoughts, charcoal & conte on paper
Alyssa Macidyn,, BFA in Illustration/Drawing Emphasis, 2019

Student Workers


Cassandra Johnson
English, 2019


Madeleine Ruger
History, 2020


Madeleine Ruger
History, 2020
Jameekia Blount
Health Promotion, 2021


Blue in Green, silkscreen on paper
Jacob Depoint

BFA in Illustration/Drawing Emphasis, 2019