Daemen College Honors Program Application

Honors Program Application

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Applicant's Information

Letter of Recommendation

Your application may include a supporting letter from a person in a position of authority who can describe your non-academic contributions to the community and/or creative work. This should be directed to Dr. Matthew S. Ward, Director, Daemen College Honors Program, MB 15, Daemen College, Amherst, NY 14226.


Writing Sample/Creative Work

Include a typed writing sample of 3-5 pages with your application. This should be a formal assignment you have prepared for a class, and it should represent your best work. You may also include creative work in addition to the writing sample.

Microsoft Word document only please.



Please write a short essay of 500-1000 words describing and analyzing a particular experience you feel has shaped your intellectual interests.

Microsoft Word document only please.


Contributions to the Community

Note: You might consider writing the essay in a word processing application and then copy and paste the text into the above field.


Please fill out this section if you are presently a high school student/recent graduate.


Please fill out this section if you are presently enrolled at Daemen College.