Business Office

Business Affairs

Mission Statement

It is the philosophy of the Business Office to adhere to high standards of ethical practice in the processing of accounting transactions, the dissemination of financial information, the use of institutional resources, and the safeguarding of college assets.  We strive to accurately process financial transactions and provide timely accounting information and reports to students, faculty and staff.  The business office is responsible for liaisons with external funding agencies, government agencies, and external auditors to insure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  We perform all treasury-related duties, including the investment of college funds, and seek to provide the necessary financial protection of college assets through the exercise of cost effective internal controls.  Our commitment is to provide financial leadership and expertise to the institution and to perform our duties with honesty and integrity.  It is our fundamental goal to work cooperatively with all college stakeholders and to contribute toward an environment of respect, collegiality and professionalism.

Personnel & Contact Information

Lisa Arida

Interim Vice President for Business Affairs & Treasurer

Telephone:  716-839-8218
Office Location:  Duns Scotus 106
Email address:

Please direct all accounting questions and requests for assistance to the Controller’s office.