Business Office

Cash Deposits and Receipts


Departmental Cash & Check Receipting Procedures

Cash - refers to coin and currency
Check - refers to checks

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles require that we adhere to the following guidelines to ensure an appropriate level of internal control over receipts. These procedures are tested on an annual basis by our independent auditors.

Any department that receives cash or check payments must be certain to remit those payments to the Business Office on the same day of receipt. In addition, and for the protection of our employees, all departments should follow the procedures listed below as minimum guidelines for handling cash and checks that do not flow directly to the Business Office.

  1. Departments should insure that two employees witness the receipt of cash or checks. These two employees should both sign a daily receipt log that lists all amounts received that day.
  2. All receipts (and the signed daily receipt log) should be brought to the Business Office by the close of business that same day.
  3. Remitting departments should keep a copy of the daily receipt log for record keeping purposes.

Individual departments should not generate invoices. All invoices must originate through the Business Office for proper recording in the general ledger. Please contact the Controller if you need to send an invoice for services or fees due the college.

NOTE: The Business office will not cash personal checks.