2.1 Students participate in an extended, culminating mathematics, science, and technology project. The project would require students to:

¥ Working Effectively: Contributing to the work of a brainstorming group, laboratory partnership, cooperative learning group, or project team; planning procedures; identify and managing responsibilities of team members; and staying on

task, whether working alone or as part of a group.

¥ Gathering and Processing Information: Accessing information from printed

media, electronic data bases, and community resources and using the information

to develop a definition of the problem and to research possible solutions.

¥ Generating and Analyzing Ideas: Developing ideas for proposed solutions,

investigating ideas, collecting data, and showing relationships and patterns in

the data.

¥ Common Themes: Observing examples of common unifying themes, applying

them to the problem, and using them to better understand the dimensions of the


¥ Realizing Ideas: Constructing components or models, arriving at a solution,

and evaluating the result.

¥ Presenting Results: Using a variety of media to present the solution and to

communicate the results.