7.1a The Earth has finite resources; increasing human consumption of resources places

stress on the natural processes that renew some resources and deplete those resources

that cannot be renewed.

7.1b Natural ecosystems provide an array of basic processes that affect humans. Those

processes include but are not limited to: maintenance of the quality of the atmosphere,

generation of soils, control of the water cycle, removal of wastes, energy flow, and recycling of nutrients. Humans are changing many of these basic processes and the changes

may be detrimental.

7.1c Human beings are part of the Earth’s ecosystems. Human activities can, deliberately

or inadvertently, alter the equilibrium in ecosystems. Humans modify ecosystems as a

result of population growth, consumption, and technology. Human destruction of habitats

through direct harvesting, pollution, atmospheric changes, and other factors is threatening

current global stability, and if not addressed, ecosystems may be irreversibly affected.